a) All players’ team lists must be submitted into the new online registration system with a recent player picture and players D.O.B prior to passport registration outlined below. Team Managers would have received their team code by email. If you have not yet received your code please email –

b) All players must bring along their original valid passport or original picture identification card on the 1st day of the tournament when they register for verification purposes.

c) One coach of each team will be required to fill up a short pre event survey to complete the registration process. Coaches will only receive their Team Managers passes upon conclusion of the registration process.

d) All teams will be required to register as a team with ALL players, with their Coach, one (1) hour before their first game of play with their original passport on DAY 1, at the venue where they are playing their first games.

e) If a player does not have his/her original passport or original picture ID then he/she will not be registered and will not be allowed to participate until they produce the original.

f) Teams will concede a walkover, if they fail to turn up four (4) minutes after their scheduled time of play, unless they have valid reasons, wherein the decision of the presiding Tournament Official will be final.

g) All players will receive a colour wristband for their age group upon registration with their original identification. The wristband MUST be worn throughout the three (3) days of the competition. Any player without their wristband will not be allowed to participate. Players must re-register with their original passports if they lose their wristband.